Agile failure?

At last weeks AUG meeting here in CHC a link to an online presentation was mentioned about an agile project failure. I believe that learning from your own mistakes (and to a lesser degree?) mistakes others have made is a pretty good way to advance in any area and it therefore makes sense to look at information such as the one found in the mentioned video.
Interestingly enough a couple of days later the link to quite an emotional a href="" title="" target="_blank">blog post on agile was posted on the Scrumdevelopment mailing list. I learned alot from reading it and the subsequent replies. It also lead me to an old post by Alistair Cockburn on the meaning of ShuHaRi. Good reminder to truly stick to the basic movements until you know them by heart, only then can you move onto challenging and finally interpreting them... I know; common sense - but hey, where have I heard that about common sense not being quiet so common before...

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